Sunday, June 9, 2013


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holy shit guys kevin bacon's son is a fucking crust punx~ ahahahahahahaha

he's a crispy ass crust what the fuuuuuuck!! oh my god. his hemp necklace. 

Real life.. Kevin Bacon is one of my favorite actors ever, and his kid sporting a From Ashes Rise patch.  That's what's up.

his son is in a band. I don't know the name though


lol hahahahahahahahahaha!!!! he will def be at the INFEST reunion!

bwahahaha i'm dying


Hahahahah, this is great. Does anyone remember Nicolas Cage's kvlt son and his symphonic black metal band?

So, I was watching the The Crazies 2010 remake the other day when this scene came up for a few...

So, I was watching the The Crazies 2010 remake the other day when this scene came up for a few seconds:

Disfear and Origin? I wonder who’s the brutal punk warrior this bedroom belongs t-


Brutal Truth - Anti-Homophobe

Brutal Truth - Anti-Homophobe

disbeard: netectm: Tom Gabriel Fischer (‎Celtic...



Tom Gabriel Fischer (Celtic Frost) and Marquis  Marky (Coroner) skateboarding in 1986.

(Original source:

Two of my favorite bands and people.

dantedieshard: grindfuckingviolence: dantedieshard: >Blog...




>Blog is "Grindfuckingviolence"

>Hates one of the key pillars of the Grindcore genre

see this is why grindcore is dead. We let the women and the fags (not the homosexuals or bisexuals, the "let's-talk-about-feelings-and-play-nice" kind of fags) have a say, and that killed the genre.

Grind is hate. Grind is violence. Grind is contempt. Grind is shock. Grind is rape, murder, and then even more rape. Grind is supposed to be raw, unleashed fury and hatred and destruction.

The reason why grind is dead is because homophobic and sexist shit… Must I remember you the lesson kid? GRIND IS FUCKING PROTEST!!!

Yeah, if you're the cocksucking sellouts in Rage Against the Machine. Even the black metal basement-dwellers got it- there's nothing edgy about all of this vegan, hippe bullshit. If you wanted to rebel, if you truly wanted to protest, you'd go beyond any socially acceptable norm. There's nothing rebellious about supporting women, the rebellion is in treating them like shit. True grind protest is antisocial, hostile, and aggressive. It hits where it hurts, and it tries to hurt as much as possible. It's pure rape-and-murder hostility, evil in every way. There is no "morality" to grind other than to oppose social mores in every way possible. It's anti-music, anti-life, anti-everything.

Meat Shits being a key pillar of grindcore is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard of since "The Beatles invented rock 'n' roll". Since when was grindcore about being a complete asshole? It is hateful, of course; just look at Cripple Bastards. Grind was always against whatever is fucked up with society, be it conformism, prejudice, brain-washing religions or faulty governments, it was never about sexism and bigotry. It takes more guts to stand next to someone than joining everyone else in ridiculing them. You think homophobia is edgy and against the norm? I see it every day, and I get shit for it every time I call people out on it. Siege, Terrorizer, Napalm Death and other bands who helped create and establish grindcore never had any kind of pathetic prejudice in their lyrics. You'll only find that in Meat Shits, Anal Cunt and MySpace "projects" created by dimwits who think they're clever and better than everyone else. GFV says it and I repeat it: MEAT SHITS IS SHIT.

moshersam: Slayer and Nuclear Assault


Slayer and Nuclear Assault

reybrutal: Because flying to the U.S. from Brazil is not cheap…...


Because flying to the U.S. from Brazil is not cheap… That and their fan base is not very large here. Let's be real. 

It's a shame, but it happens. We had similar problems in Brazil, since most underground bands couldn't afford to go there, didn't have a place to stay or just weren't "in demand". Not to mention all the bands we had that couldn't afford to play overseas. I was lucky enough to see Violator play next to Napalm Death and Suffocation, and they easily did the best performance that night.

As an apology for the lack of updates, I present you metal...

As an apology for the lack of updates, I present you metal bellies.

Sepultura & Ratos de Porão.

Blog culiao chakal... Totalis metal! Saludos desde Chile!

Saudações do Brasil/New Zealand!

HEY YOU?! WHY DO YOU HAVE A PICTURE OF ME LISTENING TO SODOM?! Awesome... I bet you ripped it from tshirtslayer, haha!

Hahahah. I don't even remember, but yes, probably. Hope you don't mind, otherwise I can just take it down. After all this time, I still think that's the face everyone does (or should do) when listening to Sodom.

In conspiracy with chest hair!

In conspiracy with chest hair!

English Dogs - The Chase is On

English Dogs - The Chase is On

Anton Reisenegger (chilean Pentagram) and Max Cavalera...

Anton Reisenegger (chilean Pentagram) and Max Cavalera (Sepultura).


orcrist: for Hellsmetal photo by JO


for Hellsmetal

photo by JO



Are you M.P.D.S.?

No, just a fellow metalpunk maniac who decided to start a blog about his favourite fusion of extreme music.




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